Land sales conducted with the assistance of an Illinois farmland broker continue to set records while sales between private individuals lag well behind. When deciding whether or not to hire an Illinois farmland broker, the question isn’t how much money it will cost to hire them, but instead, how much it will cost to not hire them. Due to the lack of competition from prospective buyers, tenants or neighbors often end up receiving huge discounts when they purchase land directly from an owner. Often times, a friendly relationship with a buyer is used as a bargaining tool to suppress the ultimate sales price.Even in cases where there’s little doubt that a neighboring owner or current tenant will be the buyer, it’s still an effective marketing tool to hire an Illinois farmland broker. It’s difficult to determine the price of a specific piece of ground without allowing other farmers the opportunity to drive the price up. At a minimum, Sterling Land Company’s Illinois farmland brokers will have a very good idea what the price should be. Sterling Land Company will also know if there are other interested parties that would like to have the chance to make an offer.

Due to the price differentials in real estate based on known and unknown factors, it’s difficult to say what a fair price is without allowing everyone the chance to buy. While a tenant might believe land is worth a certain price, Sterling Land Company agents might locate others that would pay more. As the owner, it is your prerogative to sell to the current tenant or neighbor at a discount, but it’s always nice to know just how much of a discount they would be getting versus selling through an Illinois farmland broker.

The desire to save money by selling your land without an Illinois farm land broker can end up costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. There are countless examples where area farmers learn of a sale and comment on how they would have paid more for the land if given the chance. In the end, most sellers are happy to find that hiring an Illinois farmland broker didn’t cost them a thing. In fact, it usually ends up putting a much larger check in their pocket.

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