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Over $100 Million in 3 Years

Sterling Land Company has successfully and sold over $100 million in land sales in the past 3 years.

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If you have decided that now is the time to sell the farm, Sterling Land Company can help. We will perform a complete complimentary market analysis of your property. We gather data from a variety of sources including Soil Maps, Aerial Photos, FSA Data, Property tax records, recent sales of comparable land, inventory of other similar properties for sale and are able to fly FAA approved drones in the area to ensure a fair market value.

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Whether you are looking to complete a 1031 exchange or other investment transaction, let our licensed agents provide the expertise and insight you need to make the right choices for your farmland portfolio.

Monte Van Kooten

Monte Van Kooten

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The Sterling Land Company Benefit

Sterling Land Company has a fairly unique position in the Illinois Real Estate market. Which is to say that virtually all of our services are focused on farm real estate, and Illinois farms for sale specifically. We are talking to people involved in agriculture every day. Including farmers, investors, farm tenants, bankers, suppliers and people with a general interest in land. So we are very plugged into things that are happening in the farm community. And we know how to match up buyers and sellers.

Monte Van Kooten, owner of Sterling Land Company, has served as the company’s managing broker since its inception in 1999. Starting his career in real estate in 1980, Mr. Van Kooten has developed an excellent reputation as a fair­-minded business associate who provides straight and honest answers. As a member of the Realtors Land Institute-a global network of land professionals and The Chicago Farmers, a non­-profit organization dedicated to providing “a forum for education and an exchange of information between member and others allied in agribusiness,” Monte has the unique ability to understand and overcome the challenges that buyers and sellers of land in Illinois face.

Monte is an Instrument Rated pilot and is available to fly customers giving them an aerial view of properties they may interested in.

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Jo Daviess County Land Sale

Land Sale-Mostly Timber land for excellent hunting Sterling Land Company was hired by Land Owners from Seattle, Washington to sell their Recreational Land.

Ogle County Farmland

Over 1,400 acres-Multiple sellers from 3 different states hired Sterling Land Company in collaboration with Stade Auction Service to conduct a Public Auction. Highly successful- the overall top bids were about $2 Million over the Reserve price that had been established.

Boone County Farmland Sale

2 transactions totaling over 3,400 Acres of farmland Near Belvidere, IL. Buyers were both large institutional farm investors.

Kidder Farms-Lee County, IL

Sterling Land Company was hired by a family who planned to relocate in Texas. Hired on June 13 Sterling Land Company had all 3 farms totaling 341 acres under contract by July 23 enabling the client to realize their dream of buying a Texas Ranch.

Piatt County Class A Farmland Sale

290 Acres of High Quality Illinois Land. Sold to a Chicago Area land Investor.

Montgomery County, IL

Sterling Land Company was hired by a seller from Mexico City, Mexico that was a Trustee for an 80-acre parcel. We were able to finish the transaction within a few weeks time.

Henry County Farm

An excellent Class A farm we were able to sell, seller needed to complete a “Tax-Deferred Exchange” and was running out of time. Sterling Land Company had a farm buyer in their network able to execute a quick closing.

LaSalle County

A farm land owner who lived in Dallas, Texas hired us to sell 100 Acres of Class A farmland. Listed the farm on February 14-we were able to sell and close the farm sale by April 15th.

Koenig Farm

Sterling Land Company managed the public auction of 266 Acres – Excellent results with an 80 Acre farm parcel selling for over $12,000/Acre.

Parker Farms

Farm owners from 4 different states hired Sterling Land Company to sell 2 family farms.

Over the last 4 Years Sterling Land Company has Completed

Nearly $200 Million in Sales

Below is a list of some notable locations throughout the state of Illinois:



1,412 Acres

Sold at public auction, multiple parcels



832 Acres

Sold to an institutional investor



2,609 acres

Sold to an institutional investor



266 Acres

Sold at public auction



230 acres

Sold at public auction



290 Acres

Sold to a Chicago investor



450 Acres

2 Tracts



219 Acres



155 Acres, 2 tracts

“The major fortunes in America have been made in land.”
- John D. Rockefeller

Land Reports

Published monthly, the Sterling Land Company Land Report is complimentary and provides details about a variety of recent land sales throughout the state. The Land Report is a popular and trusted resource that helps readers keep an eye on the market and stay up to date with the current trends in land values.

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