Illinois farmland continues to sell near record highs. Sterling Land Company agents have seen the price of land skyrocket over the last few years. Even when adjusting for inflation, these values represent historic values. Illinois farmland owners who rent to tenants are seeing returns of perhaps 3% or better in some situations. With savings account returns around 1% and many long term CD rates struggling to offer 2%, it’s difficult to find a better investment than Illinois farmland.

The larger benefit of owning Illinois farmland has been the steady climb in value. Over the last 10 years, Illinois farmland owners have seen their initial investment increase in value by over 9% per year in some cases. Add to that the 3% in rent and Illinois farmland owners in many instances have seen an annual rate of return of 12% over the last 10 years.

That handily beats most other investment choices while offering the joys of owning Illinois farmland.

Some might point to the stock market as a viable alternative to land. While the market has done very well lately, land has also seen a spike in value over the last few years. The volatility of the market and the temperate response it has to world affairs can make it a less than stable investment choice, especially over the last 10 years. Illinois farmland has proven to be a sound investment choice when times are tough.

When searching for an investment choice, Illinois farmland should be on the list of options. There continues to be an increasing demand for corn not only as feed, but as a fuel as well. This demand helps to ensure that crop prices remain high, which in turn inflates the rental rates and consequently the value of the land itself.

Sterling Land Company agents are not investment experts. While Illinois farmland has a very good track record as an investment, past performance is not indicative of future returns. Make sure to consider tax implications before buying or selling Illinois farmland.

Contact Sterling Land Company today if you are looking to invest in Illinois farmland.

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