Agriculture In Illinois

Agriculture In Illinois

With over 70,000 farms covering over 25 million acres, farming in Illinois takes up about 75 percent of the state’s total land area. About 10 percent of Illinois farms have swine, 23 percent have beef cows, and 3 percent have dairy cows. Agricultural farming is a huge commodity in Illinois. Because of the climate and soil, the state is a leading producer of corn, swine, and soybeans. In addition, wheat, oats, sheep, hay, poultry, fruits, and vegetables are also commonly grown on Illinois agriculture farms. If you’re planning to buy or invest in Piatt County Illinois farm land for sale, here are a few things you should know about Illinois agricultural farming.

Why Is Agricultural Farming Important In Illinois?

According to the Illinois Department of Agriculture, agricultural commodities in Illinois generate more than $19 billion a year. To give you a bit of a breakdown, corn supplies 54 percent of that total, while soybeans supply 27 percent, and the combined marketings of livestock, dairy, and poultry account for 13 percent. The remaining balance is made up of wheat, fruits, and vegetable sales. Illinois agricultural farming commodities also provide the base for products like animal feed, soap, wax, paper, and lumber. Over 200 million bushels of Illinois grown corn are used to produce more ethanol than anywhere else in the United States. Illinois also ranks third in the nation in the export of agricultural farming commodities with $8.2 billion of goods shipped to other countries. In fact, exports that are from Illinois count for 6 percent of all agricultural exports in the United States.

Why Is Agricultural Farming So Successful In Illinois?

Before purchasing Piatt County Illinois farms for sale, it’s important to know why Illinois farming is so successful. Illinois is an ideal location for agricultural farming. It’s a central location and is near and accessible to interstates and highways, as well as railroads. This is something that makes it fast and easy to transport crops and goods to different states. Plenty of rainfall during the summers and dry winters, along with the fertile and flat land, helps Illinois to maintain the growth of crops. The hillier areas in the south and northwest of Illinois are better suited for livestock pastures. Illinois’ land is the reason the state ranks third nationally in total prime farmland acreage.To learn more about investing in Piatt County Illinois farmland for sale, please call us today or submit our consultation request form.

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