Why Invest In Illinois Farm Land?

Illinois Farms For Sale

Illinois Farm Land for Sale

Interested in purchasing Illinois farm land for sale, but not sure if you have the time or capability to maintain the land? The opportunity is still there for you, as an investor. About 60% of farm owners are absentee, meaning that they collect income from their property, but they don’t actually plant or sell any crops. They hire a farmer to manage their farmland. Below are some important reasons to consider investing in Illinois farm land for sale.

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Growing Population

Farm land yields food for almost 7 billion people worldwide, and that number is increasing every year. In fact, the United Nations has estimated that the world wide population will grow to 9.2 billion by 2050. The demand for feed, corn, and meat will continue to rise, which is one of the primary reasons Illinois farmland for sale is such a financially sound investment.

Recreational Farm in Illinois

Illinois farms for sale also offer recreational options. According to the US Fish & Wildlife Service, about $145 billion is spent by Americans on recreational activities like hunting and fishing. Leasing farmland property to hunters and fishermen is a rising business for landowners and investors.

A Steady and Tangible Investment

Unlike the volatility of the stock market, farmland investments tend to sustain steady growth. Farmland is also something tangible. As an investor, you can visit your property to see how the crops and livestock are doing, and see what your investment is producing for consumers. Even if you have someone else managing your property, you still have a say in what is produced, as well as what changes should be made to maximize profits.

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