What Our Clients Have to Say

We have been fortunate to work with excellent customers and clients over the years. Some of the kind comments we have received are cited here.

January, 2017


I want you to know we do very much appreciate receiving your reports. Without loading us down with data, you provide a concise and current barometer for “local” values.
Thanks for including us! Happy New Year!


Great report with outstanding documentation.  Too many so called pundits shoot their mouth off with no backup.  I hope national farm publications use your report.

Thank you so much for the DVD of the farm auction!

We truly appreciate what you all did for the auction.
We’re so thankful we could be there and be part of
”A memorable day”!
M & T 

"Thanks for the update. I cannot express how thrilled we are to have this happen so quickly. It is due to your great work!"

Sue S., Bettendorf, IA

"The W. family would like to give you a great big "Thank You" for all the leg work and you spent on selling our land. We never believed it would happen with the economy the way it is and you guys did it! We are all so pleased. Now we are free of all burdens."

Mrs. W., Rockford, IL.

"I spoke with Darrin a few months back and wanted to convey something he said. He told me you were great to work with and are probably the most professional and honest real estate broker he has ever encountered. I would certainly agree with him. Thought you should know what the word is on you out there. It was an absolute pleasure working with you. I cannot think of another person to have engaged to see us through this process. I can't thank you enough. I really want to commend and thank you for everything you did for us."

Mike M., Los Angeles, CA

"Monte, I am so grateful everything turned out really well. Thank you for everything you did for the sale, you did a great job for us. Thank you very, very much. We all are grateful that things went so smoothly."

Denise S., Downers Grove, IL.

"My land sale was so easy with Monte. I wish my daily life were as easy as my transaction with Monte and Sterling Land Company. I highly endorse him."

Steve F., Laguna Beach, CA.

Can’t begin to express our thanks for  your emails on sales of ground.    We especially appreciate the use of $ per PI.  We have promoted and praised your organization, hopefully some value will come to you as a result. 

Ed S.  Streator, IL.